Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Quick Note on New Year's

New Year's is a funny thing really. It's one of the only days out of the entire year where everyone is both positive and goal-oriented, hence New Year's resolutions. People are all amped up about the next year and all the things they want to do and accomplish. Then comes January 2nd and everybody has an excuse to go back into their foul grumpy moods because after all, New Year's was yesterday!

Why do we choose only to make resolutions on December 31st when there are 364 other just as valid days in a year? Why do we feel so positive one night out of the year when the only difference between that night and other nights is that we are watching a clock and counting backwards??

It seems like one of the best resolutions one could make this year is to treat every day like its New Year's. To be able to wake up and say "it's a brand new day, this one's going to be even better than the last" could give us so much psychological momentum, it would be amazing the experiences we'd have. To consistently start our days with a list of things to do and check them off as we go along could reinforce such a can-do attitude that all of a sudden that mountain of debt doesn't look so daunting, or that weight loss program too hard, or that promotion so far off as you thought!

New Year's isn't just an event, it's a state of mind we can have year round. So if I see you in June and I wish you a Happy New Year, you might not think I'm so crazy after all, right?

Ehh, let's not push it, John...