Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Year Update on my "Home Depot, Your Next Great Investment" Post

Just wanted to give an update on one of my postings I wrote about a year ago on February 1st, 2010 regarding Home Depot as your next great investment. At the time of the posting, the price was at $28.01, almost a year later the stock is up to $36.02. If you had bought it at the time I recommended it and sold it today, you'd be looking at a 29% annual return on your investment, which is double the average return of the whole S&P 500 (~14%)

Technically, you'd want to wait until February 2nd to sell it, that way you would be taxed at the long term capital gain rate (I think its 10% right now?), rather than short term capital gain which would be taxed at your income bracket (probably 20-33%). 

Now if only we could get a 29% return on every investment, we'd all be millionaires in no time. ;o)