Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day? - Daily Recommended Water Intake

Recommendations run the gamut from the standard 8 x 8 dictum, to over a gallon, which is right for you? Check out How Much Water Should I Drink for a full breakdown to determine what's right for you.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Great Fitness Tips From An NPC Competitor!

My girlfriend Danee is doing some great writing work and fitness tips. Check out her guest blogpost on MMaxout that she did on Aqua Arm.

Ps. That ab routine is a killer, make sure you stay hydrated with a comfortable hydration pack! :o)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Advanced Sports Technology Launches AquaArm: Hands-Free Hydration System

SOURCE: Advanced Sports Technology, Inc.
Advanced Sports Technology, parent corporation of National Bubble Soccer has launched its second product division within the sporting goods industry. AquaArm, the world's first hydration system engineered specifically for comfort-in-motion, has become available for pre-order just in time for the holiday season.
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.Dec. 1, 2014 -- Advanced Sports Technology (AST), the parent corporation of the National Association of Bubble Soccer has announced its second product launch within the sporting goods industry, a hands-free hydration system, aptly named AquaArm.
AquaArm Hydration System
"Aqua Arm is the world's first hands-free hydration system ergonomically designed for comfort-in-motion," commented John Anthony Radosta, Chief Executive Officer of AST. "The genesis of the idea came about when we looked at the current options available for hydration systems and saw that everything was just a poor fit for the natural motion of the human body during exercise, especially for runners. Backpacks and fanny-packs seemed to be the only things available and hold upwards of 1.5 liters of water. Unless you're running a marathon or hiking for a whole day, there's no reason to carry that much water. Not to mention the chafing that occurs with these hydration systems can almost make them not worth even carrying."
AquaArm, as the name would suggest, is a hydration pack that attaches to the user's forearm and carries up to 20 oz. of water. It contains a pocket for the user's cell phone, IPod, or other items and allows the user to properly hydrate during exercise unencumbered with having to carry a water bottle.
"Traditional hydration systems such as Camelbak & Fuelbelt are great for long-duration activites like hiking or cycling, but for someone engaging in 45-60 minutes of activity, they just aren't very feasible. We wanted to create something that flowed with the natural motion of the human body, something that didn't bounce, chafe, or slide around during motion."
According to AST, AquaArm has been under development over the course of a few years as the company experimented with different materials and designs to be best-suited for comfortability. In regards to the price, AquaArm sells for $25-30, a fraction of the price of other hydration systems which typically go for around $50.
AST has been a manufacturer of sporting good products since early 2013. Its first divisional launch, the National Association of Bubble Soccer, is successfully running operations in 27 major US cities over the last year and has thousands of players registered. Also known as bubble football in theUnited Kingdom & Australia, bubble soccer is full-contact soccer while the players wear giant inflatable bubbles for protection.
For 2015, Radosta said that AST is focused on continuing to grow domestically. "We're only in 27 metros within the United States, so we still have some growing at home to do before branching out internationally. We've also made marked improvements in our bubble soccer equipment and it's truly the best in the world now. With AquaArm, we're focused on online sales, but have already had interest from one major retailer within the United States. But for both bubble soccer and AquaArm, the strategy is essentially the same: grow, baby, grow!"