Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Two Ways of Approaching Business

[This is what I've learned so far as an entrepreneur.
Don't ask why I made it rhyme...]

The Two Ways of Approaching Business

The market wants a product,
so you open up shop and provide it, 
Others follow in kind, sell for cheaper
and thus divide it.
The market may still grow in time
but to all, a smaller chunk,
Profit margins shrink for all
"til nothing's left but junk.


Reimagine a problem so small
the market must have missed it,
Build a product, make it better,
so the people can't resist it.
The first of its kind, unique,
they'll pay whatever you charge, 
The extra work was worth it
as the profit margins are large.

In the latter you're making the pizza,
the former you're chasing a slice. 
The latter depends on the oven,
the former depends on the knife.

The server can cut the pizza
and make their money slow,
But the baker made the pizza,
so the baker makes the dough!

- John Anthony