Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Year Investment Update

So one year is sometimes all it takes for an investment to blow out any return you could've possibly imagined. On Monday, made the following sales with a 1 year holding period to lock in long term capital gains tax rate...

United Healthcare
Buy: $26   Sell: $49   ROI: 47%

Wellpoint  (WLP)
Buy: $51   Sell: $76   ROI: 33%

Exxon Mobil   (XOM)
Buy: $58   Sell: $80   ROI: 38%

Energen Corp.   (EGN)
Buy: $50   Sell: $60   ROI: 17%

United Health Care and Wellpoint I bought during the whole Obama Care debacle when there was a lot of uncertainty as to how the bill would affect the healthcare companies. These were sort of no-brainer plays as both companies have the creme de la creme of healthcare services including Blue Cross Blue Shield. Just seemed obvious both were going to come out of all the uncertainty as winners still.

Exxon Mobil techinically was a two year holding period total, since my first position was made in 2009. However, when the BP oil spill hit, the whole damn oil industry got slammed in the market as being evil...that's like your neighbor destroying the sidewalk in front of his house and city hall punishing the whole neighborhood for it. I loaded up on more shares at a lower price when the stock fell off a cliff, which in turned lowered my average cost per share when it came back up. Goes to show you, a stock dropping can actually be a good thing if you've done your homework ;o)

Energen was a value play, I saw it as undervalued and decided to sell off because I wanted to increase cash due to better opportunities that are out there right now.